Canyoning Soca river

Slovenia is widely known to be a beautiful country. Every tourist seems to think that when they visit this charming land. The problem, however, is that there are not many tourists to share the story. Slovenia might be a great place to see, but not many people seem to make the decision to come. The result is that Slovenes make way less money from tourism that they could have. With more advertising, Slovenia could be the place to go and the local businesses would be there to take the profit.

Kazalo vsebine

Not the Worst Case Scenario

The lack of tourism might not be the best thing for local businesses, but for everyone else might enjoy it. It might actually be the land’s quiet charm. After all, is it not incredibly inviting to book a hotel at the last possible day and still get a room? It is way more fun decide to go on an adventure in a kayak Bovec and not have to wait a single minute. Want to try canyoning? Soca river does not have long lines that will keep you waiting for hours and hours. Instead, you will be able to decide to spend time in a kayak Bovec or have fun canyoning on Soca river at the last minute. There are not many places where such things are possible. It might be one of the reasons why people that do come speak so fondly of the place. Nevertheless, it would be way less appealing and captivating with masses of people crawling all over the place. It would be way worse if you were not able to book your hotel room so late, if you needed to reserve kayak Bovec way in advance or if you would not be able to walk in a sports club and try canyoning on Soca river right there and then. Maybe we should just leave the situation as it is.