Trust the experts for the best adrenaline trip of your life!

There are many adrenaline experiences waiting for you if you decide to visit the Soča valley in Slovenia. The nature itself provides several options to fill the free time with all kinds of activities, but even more enticing is the offer of professionally guided tours. Trust the experts and pick some of the tours that will enable you to enjoy the potential of the river and the valley in the full extent!

The most popular choice is rafting, Soča has great conditions for this activity. That’s why the offer of guided tours is very well developed. It’s not hard to find an agency that offers rafting tours, they are situated in all the towns along the river. There are also several entry points for rafting – Soča is quite dynamic in the upper part and offers both rapids and calm parts, allowing the adventurers to pick their own adventure. The tours are done on all parts of the river, so the providers can offer a variety of experiences. It’s never boring, even if you limit yourself to rafting, Soča will keep you occupied for a while!

Of course, rafting is just a part of a great vacation. Try other things as well – that’s where the experts really come into play, for example with canyoning. Bovec, Slovenia, has a great potential with canyons, waterfalls and other attraction, but that’s nothing without expert guidance for safe and enjoyable canyoning. Bovec, Slovenia, is the best starting point for that, exactly because of the complete offer. There are packages that include everything you’ll need, expert guide with all the equipment and transport included. That’s how you do canyoning – Bovec, Slovenia, will impress even the most demanding adventurers with thrilling courses and expert guides.