Rafting Bovec Soca

Some of the activities we seek while on vacation can be done almost anywhere, other demand specific setting and professional guidance. In every case, it’s good to have all the options supported as best as possible. That’s why some destinations are especially favoured among the adventurers – Bovec, the town in the heart of the Soca valley in Slovenia, is a great example.

What are the top attractions in Bovec? The main one is definitely rafting. Bovec, Soca, and other factors all provide a great experience. Rafting is not just about floating down the river in a rubber raft, it’s about the whole experience. That’s why you will enjoy rafting Bovec. Soca itself provides the perfect setting, while the town provides the professional execution of all the activities. It’s not just rafting Bovec, Soca is also full of kayaks, while the town-based tourist agencies offer a wide variety of other activities around and above the river as well.

Among the top attractions that exhibit the harmony of nature and people is also canyoning. Bovec is located in the heart of the valley, which doesn’t only feature the Soca river, but many smaller tributaries as well. Those are perfect for canyoning. Bovec is close to the canyons that are parallel to the river and cut deep into the surrounding hills. That makes for a great experience in the wild, untouched nature. The canyons themselves are not just the visual attraction, they also provide a natural obstacle course with demanding challenges and thrilling features such as toboggans. For canyoning, Bovec ensures safety and reliability with professional guidance, that’s why this activity is high on the list of top attraction of Bovec.

There are other options as well. The agencies in town compete for clients and come up with all kinds of imaginative attractions that are an inexhaustible source of fun adventures!