Soča rafting

The emerald Soca river is a very popular attraction for tourists from all around the world. The first impressions are inspiring even when you’re admiring the river from your car – it’s understandable many visitors want to get to know the river up close, which is possible in different ways. Among the most popular choices are Soca river kayaking and rafting. 

Soca river kayaking is especially attractive for experienced adventurers that wand to enjoy their time in pristine nature. It’s possible to plan an intricate journey down the whole length of the river, but of course some parts are more attractive than others. That’s very obvious if you opt for guided courses, which are on offer in the tourist towns on the river banks. Soca river kayaking can be very beginner friendly, if you choose a beginner course on the calmer parts of the river, and it can be exciting and thrilling on the more dynamic part of the river. Everyone will get their share of fun!On Soča, rafting is even more fun, especially for families and other groups. Rafting is a social experience, which mixes many different attractions into one. Of course, Soča rafting is a great opportunity to get to know the river up close, as you will glide right on the surface, and most of the guided courses include swimming breaks as well. But there’s more if you’re up for it – Soča rafting demands a lot of teamwork, it can even be competitive, not only cooperative. That’s why rafting is ideal for teambuilding exercises and for bonding in families and other groups. In every case we can expect to have a great time on the Soca river. Both kayaking and rafting are a sure way to complete enjoyment of your time in the Soca valley.