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Yacht antifouling

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Yachts are a luxury that deserves to be well cared for. Not only in special cases and very expensive vessels – even smaller modest yachts demand some maintenance if you want to really extend their lifetime to more than a couple of years. And let’s not forget that every yacht is an investment that offers a return proportionately to the care you allocate to it. Luckily, there are some tasks you can do yourself! Even the big ones, for example yacht antifouling, can be in some cases done manually and without any big risks.

The problem with yacht antifouling is the long term effectiveness, if you choose protective coatings. If you go for an ultrasonic antifouling kit, the danger is to mess up the installation and ruin the expensive equipment. Luckily, both options are forgiving enough that an attentive approach is sure to work.

A modern ultrasonic antifouling kit is pretty easy to install. There are multiple components that demand proper placement and every part has to be connected into a centralized system, but with some preparation this should not be too hard. There is a danger of mistakes, though, and they are not always immediately obvious. With yacht antifouling, all the tasks are done with long-term use in mind – some mistakes will show only in the long run. So be careful and place all the components of the ultrasonic antifouling kit in their correct place. It’s good to find an expert to do the electrical connections and certify the installation, but this can also be done without any help.

Yacht antifouling can be done cheaper and simpler with protective coatings, but the results are not nearly as good. The effectiveness of such solutions is limited to a year or two, so even the cost is not a good argument in the long run.

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