Slovenian hotspot for adrenaline junkies

Rafting Bovec Soca

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Adrenaline sports are very well known to tourist providers in Slovenia. With several attractive hotspots of adrenaline tourist activity, Slovenia is definitely the place to visit for all adrenaline junkies out there. Lovers of extreme water sports will feel especially welcome in Bovec, one of the most prominent centers of adrenaline sports in Slovenia. The town has a convincing ace up its sleeve – that is the beautiful Soča river which offers a wide variety of options for active tourists.

One of the most popular activities is rafting – Bovec, Soca river, and the surroundings offer an amazing experience for every visitor courageous enough to ride in a rubber boat. With several programs to choose from, nobody will be left out. There are enough options for families, children, team-building groups, bachelor parties, even solo travelers! All kinds of tourists will find what they’re looking for. It’s no wonder the most popular activity here is rafting – Bovec & Soca offer the whole range of activities on the river and accompanying program on the shore. The tourist offer of the place is really developed and tourist-friendly, that’s why the next activity on the to-do list of every adrenaline junkie should be rafting in Bovec & Soca.

Not really into rafting? Maybe you’ll feel more comfortable in a kayak. Bovec offers the whole unforgettable experience for kayakers as well. For kayak, Bovec has several entry points into the river with various segments of the flow to choose from. Some of you will find their adrenaline drug on white-water rapids, others will be glad to coast with the peaceful flow of wider and slower segments. That’s not everything that can be done in a kayak, Bovec also offers schools, competitions, and other interesting activities not to be missed on the river.

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