The Best Protection for Your Boat

Ultrasonic boat antifouling

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In order to remain functional and aesthetically pleasing, a boat needs the best possible protection. The most vulnerable is the bottom of the boat, which carries the most opportunities for material corrosion and algae accumulation. Namely, it is the type of boat antifoul that will ensure the ultimate care for the vessel in question. Choosing the correct kind of boat antifoul might be more important than many people think. Antifouling might improve the maximum performance of the boat, reduce average costs of the fuel and elongate the life of the ship. There are many factors to consider when it comes to making that choice of the right antifouling agent. The financial aspect might be an important one, however, it is important to note that the most expensive products are not always the best. When choosing the right kind of boat antifoul you might also want to consider the environmental concern; choose a non-biocide paint to be more environmentally friendly.

Ultrasonic boat antifouling

New technology brought us inventive new ways of antifouling. Ultrasonic boat antifouling is the result of creative and original thinking. It is exactly what it sounds like – antifouling with the help of a little device called ultrasound. Who could have thought that an ultrasound will be able to remove bio-material from the hull of a boat? Ultrasonic boat antifouling can be used on its own for an environmentally friendly approach, or as an additional method of protection. The system is especially suitable for smaller yachts and sailboats; mainly from the point of view of financial benefits. A smaller boat would require one system with a reasonable investment when bigger vessels would need multiple systems, which would multiply the costs. In any case, this kind of revolutionary antifouling is definitely a purchase to consider.

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